How It Works

Step 1: Turn off breaker that is connected to hot
water tank to stop electrical current.

Step 2: With gloves and safety goggles on, check
element box with electrical tester to ensure the flow
of electricity has ceased.

Step 3: Turn off cold water flowing to the hot
water tank.

Step 4: Turn on pressure valve to release all pressure
from hot water tank.

Step 5: Attach female end of Quick drain hose to
male end of tank drain fitting.

Step 6: Attach male end of Quick drain hose to
the top of the base.

Step 7: Attach wet/dry vacuum wand to base.
(Note: Base is designed to accommodate 21/2 inch,
2 inch, or 11/4 inch wand.)

Step 8: Turn on vacuum and hot water heater

Step 9: Align Quick snap socket to slide over the
alignment component and the heating element nut.
Turn counter clockwise to remove element. (Repeat
Step 9 and turn clockwise to tighten element.)

Step 10: Once all the water has been removed from
tank, align Quick snap socket and remove bottom
element turning wrench counter clockwise.

Step 11: Disconnect Quick drain hose from the
base. Insert the Quick snap (1). Then connect the
90o degree reach to the Quick snap (1). At the joint,
where the Quick Snap (1) and the reach meet secure
them with the three (3) piece spring clip. (Note: Be
sure all extension tubes are locked together using
the three piece spring clip.) Insert into opening of
bottom element and begin to vacuum the bottom of